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 Become an Investor | Lead. Collaborate. Deliver.

Businesses, individuals and public stakeholders invest in the EDC because they have a vision for the Bradenton Area and want to apply their leadership and talents to creating a more diverse local economy.

Our investors join us in being focused on delivering results:

More and better jobs for local residents
More capital investment by high-impact businesses
Attracting new wealth into the community
Creating a year-round economy fueled by diverse businesses

By working together, we increase opportunities for all local businesses and residents. Contact us if you are interested in supporting economic development and want to learn more about how our efforts impact your bottom line.

Cindy Unzicker
Cindy UnzickerInvestor Relations & Event Manager

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Request an invitation to a private Executive Briefing

In you’re engaged in business in the Bradenton Area and want to know what’s happening to create a more robust local economy, join us for a private Executive Briefing for leaders who are interested in shaping the future of the Bradenton Area.

During this informal, small group conversation, we share insights into work led by the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation to grow our local economy and enhance the quality of life for all who reside and visit here.

You’ll learn how a network of partners building on community assets is spurring economic vitality in the Bradenton Area by implementing the EDC’s multi-year strategic plan to stimulate jobs for area residents and expand opportunities for local businesses.

Contact us today for details and to request an invitation. 

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The Bradenton Area EDC is a 501(c)(6) not for profit corporation. Contributions to the organization are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. They may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, but please consult with your tax advisor.