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Bradenton Area Incentives Lower Costs for Business Expansion and Relocation

The Bradenton Area EDC is your one-stop resource to determine whether your business expansion or relocation qualifies for economic development incentives. Scan the partial list below, and begin the confidential conversation today that could mean substantial cost- and time-savings for your business.

Exclusive Bradenton Area Incentives
State-sponsored Incentives
Location-specific Incentives
Energy Incentive
Workforce Training Incentives

Exclusive Bradenton Area Incentives

Rapid Response Team

Businesses that qualify receive expedited review of all county-related services. The EDC collaborates with key county staff to help keep your project on schedule through ongoing communication, including meetings where all the key players are at the table and to help streamline the regulatory process for your project, while you focus on your business. If you don’t think it’s possible for government and the private sector to work together, move quickly, and reduce your carrying costs, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Economic Development Incentive Grant

This incentive is available to qualified applicants creating new high-wage job opportunities, with exceptionally high wages and capital investment, either by expanding an existing business in Manatee County or by bringing a new business to the county. This incentive is customized per business based on the number of jobs created, the average annual wage and is paid based on performance over five years.

Transportation Impact Fee Incentive

This incentive provides relief for road impact fee to expanding, new, or relocating businesses that create at least five quality jobs at or above 115% of the Manatee County average annual wage. The jobs created must be those which are established by Enterprise Florida’s Qualified Targeted Industry Tax Refund Program or a local targeted industry. The amount of the incentive is based on the square footage of the construction, the use of the building, transportation impact fees assessed, and the average annual wage of the company. It is paid when the company completes construction activities and applies for the Certificate of Occupancy.

State-Sponsored Incentives

Florida’s Key Statewide Incentives

Key State Incentives Overview
Key State Incentives Matrix
Key Incentives for High Impact Sectors
Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund
Quick Response Training Program
Incumbent Worker Training Program
Economic Development Transportation Fund
Qualified Defense and Space Contractor Tax Refund
High Impact Business Performance Incentive Grant
Capital Investment Tax Credit

Industry-Specific Incentives & Business Tax Exemptions

Florida’s Key Incentives for High Impact Sectors
Manufacturing Incentives Matrix
Research and Development Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
Clean Energy Incentives
Aviation Tax Exemption
Space Industry Sales Tax Exemption


Brownfield Program Overview
Brownfield Redevelopment Bonus Tax Refund

Florida Tax Advantages

Location-specific Incentives

Port Manatee Encouragement Zone and Port Manatee Improvement District – Port-related businesses may gain substantial advantages by locating in designated areas.

Port Manatee Foreign Trade Zone – Port Manatee, Foreign Trade Zone #169, allows foreign-based businesses to defer, reduce or even eliminate customs duties altogether.

Southwest County Improvement District (SWTIF) – The Southwest County Improvement District (SWTIF) encompasses a large portion of Manatee County, stretching from the mainland West Coast eastward to US 301 and some areas beyond; and from the City of Bradenton’s southern boundary to the Manatee-Sarasota County line. The district was created to undertake, carry out or arrange for redevelopments and related activities within a designated segment of Manatee County. This may include such improvements as streets, utilities, parks, playgrounds, street lighting, sidewalks and other public improvements; property acquisition, voluntary building repair and rehabilitation programs; services, events and promotions to enhance long term growth in the area; maintenance of County-owned capital infrastructure and more. Incentives offered in the SWTIF are subject to available funding and approval by the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.

Community Redevelopment Areas – Two CRAs have been established in the Bradenton Area, offering incentives to qualified businesses to encourage redevelopment and investment in designated areas of City of Bradenton and the City of Palmetto.

City of Palmetto Economic Development Incentives – Businesses locating in the City of Palmetto may qualify for additional incentives based on location or type of industry. For information on Palmetto’s customized menu of opportunities to reduce the cost of relocating or expanding your business, visit

Transportation Concurrency Exception Area – TCEA was established to promote urban infill and redevelopment where opportunities are limited for expansion or addition of new transportation corridors. TCEAs allow development and redevelopment projects within their boundaries to use alternative means to mitigate transportation impacts.

Energy Incentive

Florida Power & Light Economic Development Rates – New or expanding businesses that add a minimum of 350 kW of new electric load and create at least 25 new jobs per 350 kW of added load can apply for reduced electrical rates. Click here for more information.

Workforce Training Incentives

Florida Flex Training Program – An employer-driven training program designed to assist new value-added businesses and provide existing Florida businesses the necessary training for expansion. A state educational facility – community college, area technical center, school district or university – is available to assist with application and program development or delivery. The educational facility also serves as fiscal agent for the project. The company may use in-house training, outside vendor training programs or the local educational entity to provide training. Reimbursable training expenses include: instructors’/trainers’ wages, curriculum development, and textbook/manuals. This program is customized, flexible and responsive to individual company needs.

Incumbent Worker Training – Provides training to currently employed workers to keep Florida’s workforce competitive in a global economy and to retain existing businesses. Available to all Florida businesses that have been in operation for at least one year prior to application and that require skills upgrade training for existing employees. Priority is given to businesses in targeted industries Enterprise Zones and Brownfield areas.

Click here for more information on workforce development programs in the Bradenton Area.