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2017 Industry Showcase: Construction

“The sustainability and expansion of our business is intricately connected to the growth of this region. The Bradenton Area EDC helps ensure Manatee County is viewed as a viable location for new and existing business growth. The EDC’s work and success directly impacts both this area’s and our future.”

Mike Bryant, President, Fawley Bryant Architecture

“The construction industry and the EDC go hand-in-hand. Business and community growth cannot happen without buildings to not only operate out of, but that fit their specific needs”

Jack Cox, President, Halfacre Construction

“Willis A. Smith Construction has made a strong commitment to supporting the Bradenton Area EDC and Manatee County. We have chosen to invest heavily in the local community through participation and funding of the EDC so that the benefits will enrich the citizens of Manatee County. I believe the EDC has proven its role within Manatee County through diligent efforts to provide an economic impact for its workforce.”

David Sessions, President, Willis Smith Construction

“The Bradenton area offers small-town character, and it’s a great place to live, work and play. The EDC and local government agencies are supportive of our expanding community, which makes it a great place to do business!”

Nathan Kragt, Senior Vice President, ZNS Engineering

“Economic development and construction go hand-in-hand. Economic development spurs both commercial and residential construction; and local construction spurs economic development. Element Commercial Construction values its investment with the Bradenton Area EDC to meet business and community leaders to help our communities grow.”

Brian Smith, President, Element Commercial Construction LLC

“The EDC not only attracts and incentivizes new businesses to come into the area, but helps existing businesses attract new talent and sustain the local economy. These businesses are constantly expanding or relocating and need additions and renovations at their facilities. The construction industry plays a strong role in working with the EDC to make the Bradenton area a much more attractive and well sought-after area, which is evident by companies like Feld Entertainment and It Works! relocating their corporate offices here.”  

Ronald Allen, President, NDC Construction Company

“Several years ago, Tandem Construction made a commitment to support the economic growth and development of our surrounding communities by investing in local economic development organizations. The Bradenton Area EDC stands out to me as of the most efficient and impactful EDC’s in our region. I know that when I invest with them, my dollar is going to help move the needle forward in some capacity, be it business retention, expansion or attraction.”  

Kent Hayes, Construction Services Coordinator, Tandem Construction

“The construction industry invests in the Bradenton Area EDC to ensure positive, sustainable growth within the region. While the EDC provides a collective process to attract new businesses to the area, it also provides resources to retain existing organizations as they grow. We are proud to be part of helping assist in maintaining a healthy and vibrant community.”

Kevin Hicks, CEO/MGR, Gator Grading & Paving LLC

“The businesses that the BAEDC brings to the community have a profound impact on our community, and as an investor, we help to promote our economic growth. Investors can connect with other investors in the community, as well as government leaders. These contracts and networking opportunities help to grow our own business.”

Denise Greer, Vice President, King Engineering Associates Inc.

“The Bradenton Area EDC plays significant roles in attracting new businesses to the area and identifying resources for existing companies to grow. This positively impacts our industry as new and developing companies seek facility expansion and improvement. Our company is proud to be part of the resources that make the Bradenton Area such an appealing place for new and existing companies to do business.”

Ryan McIntyre, Vice President, ME&S General Contractors, Inc.

“We believe that investing in the Bradenton Area EDC is a cost-effective solution for marketing our great quality of life to the national and world stage.”

David Bishop, Vice President, Ugarte and Associates Inc.

“Atlas Building Company invests in the Bradenton Area EDC because it is composed of community leaders who are actively engaged in serving the needs of all segments of our population. The investors in the Bradenton Area EDC respect and honor our past, live in the present and build for our future.”

Andy Stultz, President, Atlas Building Company of Florida

“At Forristall Demolition, we personally take an active role in our EDC because we recognize the business generated by what they do benefits our company in many ways. Each new company that comes to our area makes an investment in our community by constructing or renovating buildings, adding employees and equipment, and adding to our tax base.”

Mary Forristall, President, Forristall Enterprises Inc.

“Our industry and community keep growing. No matter the market, the Bradenton Area EDC invests in potential and established growth to our area. We support the Bradenton Area EDC and their strategic vision for our community.”

Jason F. Swift, President, Jon F. Swift Construction

“Why would the construction industry NOT invest in the Bradenton Area EDC? The EDC is more than just a recruiting group, it is the main connection to incentives and information which gives their members and their clients an excellent advantage over out-of-town groups looking for construction work in our region. Through this advantage, our industry can keep these dollars – and jobs – local.”

J.B. Taylor, President, Taylor Studios Inc.