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What is CORE

The Collaboration Opportunities for Research Exploration

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and how your company can be a part of this innovative collaboration project. Companies from Medical device manufacturing, medical distribution, to life science technology and cyber security are working together to change the way we look at health and life science.

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Life Science Cluster Map

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Bradenton Area Attracts Top Life Sciences Talent and Enterprises

They are the innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating the next generation of biotech devices, medical cures and solutions to environmental challenges. They are businesses based on a wide range of life sciences, and they comprise a growing segment of the Bradenton Area economy.

A climate and lifestyle that attracts top talent, and a lower cost of doing business compared to traditional biotech hubs in the United States, creates an attractive combination for enterprises focused on leading-edge life sciences research, technologies and product development.

A prime example is the Roskamp Institute, a biotech laboratory and clinic that is a leader in the global effort to better understand and ultimately cure debilitating diseases of the mind. In addition to cutting-edge research on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical treatments, Roskamp is spinning off for-profit entities to bring products to market for the world’s aging population and for those suffering from neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.

The result is a sort of biotech incubator that also is also attracting attention from investors that want to get involved with biotech innovators at an early stage of product development. The birth of a Bradenton Area “biofund” is on the horizon.

Roskamp and others in the Bradenton Area provide FDA-approved laboratory and product development services and facilities, in addition to the ability to conduct clinical trials.

Life sciences have been identified by the Bradenton Area EDC, Manatee County Government and the State of Florida as an industry to receive special preference in qualifying for performance-based incentives, rapid response permitting and workforce training grants.

The EDC’s collaborative partnerships provide customized and flexible training programs and access to funding sources for employee skills upgrades. A highly responsive workforce development ecosystem adapts to employers’ needs as evolving technologies place new demands on training your workforce.

Through collaboration with economic development organizations in the region from Sarasota to Tampa Bay, the Bradenton Area EDC is able to bring together potential collaborative partners among the region’s biotech businesses. With Roskamp as a magnet attracting both talent and industry notice, the EDC helps to convene like-minded entrepreneurs with an aim toward demonstrating a critical mass of biotechnology research and product development in the Bradenton Area.

Contact the EDC for a confidential conversation about creating your business success story as part of the Bradenton Area’s life sciences community.

What Executives Say About Life Sciences in the Bradenton Area

“Leaders in the Bradenton Area not only share our vision for growth, but continue to invest in key sectors of life sciences and biotechnology, which are consistent with our long-term interests.”
Brad Clatt, Business Unit Manager
DENTSPLY Raintree Essix Glenroe

“The Bradenton Area is a relatively inexpensive place to do biotech. As we spin off new companies and continue to attract top talent, the Roskamp Institute is serving as a sort of biotech incubator.”

Michael Mullan, M.D., Ph.D.
President & CEO
Roskamp Institute