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The Bradenton Area provides an unparalleled, competitive business climate for companies looking to locate or startup, and we’ve got the data to prove it. One of the free tools available to you as you explore the Bradenton Area is our online demographic database. Below is a list of reports and resources available for you to download.

How do we stack up against the competition

When it comes to locating your business, you may be surprised that the Bradenton Area, on Florida’s West Coast can stack up against cities like Chicago or New York City. In fact, we offer a better quality of life, easier access to resources, a fast growing young workforce, and a business friendly government not found in many places around the country

Lets crunch the numbers

Imagine an advanced tech company with $10M in revenue where a team of 10 makes an average of $100K a year, each.

Cost of Living: @ $100,000 annual wage

The Bradenton Area beats almost every market. Plus, in the Bradenton Area you do not have to deal with snow, or six months of freezing weather.  Why aren’t you living where you vacation? 

Personal Tax Rate @ $100K+ income

The Bradenton Area wins again.  Florida is one of a few states with ZERO personal income tax.  

Corporate Tax Rate: @ $10M revenue

Again, the Bradenton Area comes out ahead. With a low corporate tax rate, there is no better place for your business to invest. 

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