Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced manufacturing integrates technology into production processes to increase quality and meet industry specifications or standards. From industrial-grade infrared windows to the latest in packaging equipment, from super-fast boat hulls to equipment that process liquid natural gas, the world’s advanced manufacturers have found a home in the Bradenton Area.

The advanced manufacturing target industry is a cluster of manufacturing that includes automotive, aerospace and medical sectors. A highly skilled workforce, planning and control with Six Sigma, and limiting waste are characteristics of the advanced manufacturing process.  Notably, businesses seeking to outsource high-skills sub-specialties such as precision machining, engineering design or rapid prototyping find that those partnerships are readily available in the Bradenton Area.

Additionally, our collaborative partnerships provide customized and flexible training programs and access to funding sources for employee skills upgrades. A highly responsive workforce development ecosystem adapts to employers’ needs as evolving technologies place new demands on training your manufacturing workforce. Find out more by clicking on the Workforce and Education button below.

Port Manatee is one of the largest deepwater seaports in Florida and the closest to the Panama Canal
4.5 million people within a 60-minute drive of the Bradenton area
I-75 and I-275 run through Manatee County
More than 500 Advanced Manufacturing MFG related businesses in Manatee County
CSX Transportation provides rail to Manatee County
More than 7,000 workers in Manatee County are employed in advanced manufacturing
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