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When you’re pinpointing a new home for your business, you might be surprised that the Bradenton Area, located on Florida’s west coast, can compete against locations like Chicago, Baltimore and New York City. We offer a better quality of life, more access to resources, a young, fast growing workforce and a business friendly government unlike many places nationwide.

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Let’s crunch the numbers

The Bradenton Area offers affordability across the board. For example, imagine an advanced tech company with $10 million in revenue and each employee on a 10-person team earns an average of $100,000 yearly.

In the FIRST YEAR of moving your business to the Bradenton Area, just

Tax savings per year by moving your business ($10+ million in revenue) and 10 people ($100,000 average wage) to the Bradenton Area.

Cost of Living @ $100K annual wage

Personal Tax Rate @ $100K+ income

Corporate Tax Rate @ $10M revenue

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